The runaway cow in Germany named Yvonne has been caught and is alive. Yvonne was tranquilized on Friday and sent to Gut Aiderbichl sanctuary at Deggendorf. S

he will now be with her son Frieslt and her sister Waltraud.

Yvonne was moments from being butchered when she escaped from the farm. She ran through an electric fence and was on the loose. While she was on the loose she came in contact with traffic and a police car. Yvonne’s escape has brought her much fame internationally.

Her efforts have paid off as she has definitely escaped the butcher for the rest of her life.

Amelie Schmidt

Amelie Schmidt is a reporter for Deutch News.  After graduating from Humboldt University of Berlin, Amelie got an internship at NDR Fernsehen and worked as a reporter and produce.  Amelie has also worked as a reporter for Die Zeit.  Amelie covers entertainment and community events for Deutch News.


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