For German citizens who prefer island living, there is good news that a new island has been forming off the northern coast of Germany over the past decade.

The island, whose official name is Norderoogsand or bird island, is very tiny in overall size, covering only 34 acres in total. It is located slightly more than 15 miles off the German seacoast.

There are no human residents inhabiting this island, however, but it does serve as a home to flocks of birds. An official at nearby Wadden Sea National Park says that the development of an island formation in such a short period of time is nothing short of extraordinary.

“The fact that in just a few years a new island is formed is very impressive,” said Detlef Hansen, who works at the neighbouring Wadden Sea National Park. “For conservationists this is anything but ordinary.”

The sand dunes throughout the island are also supporting the growth of a variety of plant life.

Scientists say that they are not certain that the island will actually be a permanent one, since severe winter weather could cause its quick destruction.

Amelie Schmidt

Amelie Schmidt is a reporter for Deutch News.  After graduating from Humboldt University of Berlin, Amelie got an internship at NDR Fernsehen and worked as a reporter and produce.  Amelie has also worked as a reporter for Die Zeit.  Amelie covers entertainment and community events for Deutch News.


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