The death of a 35-year-old man during a street festival in the eastern German city of Chemnitz led to the cancellation of the fest. About 800 people made their way to the streets to protest against the death of the man before the fest is about to conclude. The dead who was of the German origin stabbed during an altercation. The wrangling which took the life of a man involved 10 people of the various nationalities.

Saturday night was the closing night of the fest but at around 3am local time on Sunday, a verbal dispute began that took the life of the victim. Two men of the same age were also stabbed and injured seriously. Police took other two men into the custody. 

Following the death of the man, a crowd gathered on Sunday afternoon that proved troublesome to be cleared for Police. The crowd also included far-right groups who were generally uncooperative and hurled bottles at the officers. Seeing the huge crowd, reinforcements had to be called from Leipzig and Dresden(nearby cities).

Through social media, different groups have been called to create brawl. Even the political party AfD is the one among the groups who called its supporters to the street. As per the report of Bild, members of the right-wing “Kaotic Chemnitz” football group also gathered its members to the street. 

According to the police sources, several people had filed assault charges, including one German man, a woman of Bulgarian descent and a man of Syrian descent. Also, Barbara Ludwig, Mayor of Chemnitz told that she was “horrified” after seeing what took place in her city on Sunday.

As per the German media, the brawl began after a woman was reportedly harassed. However, authorities have been keeping their mouths shut on all the matter. 

On Sunday, the street festival which was set to conclude at 8pm of local time  abruptly ended at 4pm due to the dispute.

Hannah Weber

Hannah Weber  is a seasoned journalist with nearly 10 years experience. While studying journalism at FernUniversität Hagen, Hannah found a passion for finding engaging stories.  As a contributor to Deutch News, Hannah mostly covers human interest pieces.


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