German chancellor Angela Merkel’s junior alliance associates asked for the exclusion of Germany’s domestic intelligence leader during the last week following much-condemned remarks regarding recent radical protestations in the eastern city of Chemnitz.

Hans-Georg Maassen’s prospect as the head of the BfV intelligence group has formed fresh twists in Merkel’s six-month-old union.

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The center-left Social Democrats, the junior central party, asked him to try for Interior Minister Horst Seehofer told assembly Maassen still has his buoyancy.

Merkel, Seehofer and Social Democrat head Andrea Nahles got together at the chancellery Thursday afternoon to talk about the argument that comes just 2½ months after a predicament over migration plan that temporarily threatened the alliance.

News agency, citing unknown administrative sources, stated that they agreed to discuss the matter yet again on Tuesday.

The slaughter late last month of a German guy, for which an Iraqi and a Syrian have been detained, provoked days of anti-migrant remonstrations in Chemnitz that sometimes become aggressive.

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In statements during the last week, Maassen inquired the validity of a video showcasing activists chasing down and assaulting a foreigner. He also stated that his agency had no consistent proof that foreign persons got “hunted” in the lanes — a term Merkel had made use of.

Maassen told Seehofer, his immediate boss, regarding his hesitations ahead of going public but didn’t notify the chancellery. Even though they are conservative associates, Seehofer and Merkel have sparred on and off regarding the migrant plan for a period of 3 years. An argument between the couple in the month of June temporarily threatened to defeat the administration.

On Wednesday evening, Maassen got grilled by two parliamentary groups.

“He explained comprehensively, and from my point of view convincingly, the way he acted,” Seehofer told representatives.

Maassen debunked “conspiracy theories” and “convincingly took a stance against right-wing radicalism,” he added.

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