This might not have been usual for all of us but German Minister, Andreas Scheuer says there will be no more politics, no more speeches all he really wants to do is ‘Party’. The German transport minister gets on his grove and leaves behind all the politics.

In Berlin, German transport minister Andreas Scheuer, danced away his coalition government strive over the carmakers emission controversy at the club opening in his constituency.

“No politics today, no speeches,” said Andreas Scheuer while he was on the DJ booth at the Lobo club in Waldkirchen on Saturday night. There is a video of Scheuer where he is showing his moves. This video was posted by Die Welt on Tuesday.

“I have brought some friends with me. And now … party,” said the minister who is responsible for the transport and the digital infrastructure in the federal Cabinet, said the partygoers.

Even after Berlin’s most famous club scenes with the liberal and best nightlife, the German Cabinet doesn’t not have a designated minister for the parties.

Andreas Scheuer, is a 44 year old German politician and an active member of the CSU (Christian Social Union in Bavaria) party. From 2009 – 2013, he was the Secretary General of the party CSU.

The video shared by the official page of WELT (@welt) shows the minister Scheuer partying his way and addressing the crowd and asking them to party. With loud music and a lot of groove, minister Scheuer is seen jumping and grooving over the loud beats.

CSU Minister Andreas Scheuer addresses the crowd from the DJ booth of the club Lobo in Waldkirchen. This was done on the Saturday night and the videos of him dancing came out on Tuesday on Twitter.

Hannah Weber

Hannah Weber  is a seasoned journalist with nearly 10 years experience. While studying journalism at FernUniversität Hagen, Hannah found a passion for finding engaging stories.  As a contributor to Deutch News, Hannah mostly covers human interest pieces.


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