On the 8th annual Eichsfeld Day the gathering of National Democratic Party, political party of neo-Nazi’s also known as the NPD. The children were seen dressed up to the family festival and all colourful with all neon coloured sacks and faces painted carrying big bright smiles.

“Stop the asylum flood” on a brochure. “Asylum traitors not welcome” on a T-shirt. “White Power” on an album. Were the messages being played by the guitar strummers and by the folk singers.

On the recent violent demonstration in the eastern city of Germany, Chemnitz, this also drew worldwide attention. There was a new round set searching for people over identity, immigration and an emboldened far right.

The festival in Leinefelde which is the center of the country drew quite some attention with the roads being invaded by the right-wing enthusiasts who went around preaching anti-immigration and pro-white gospel.

Germany has taken in more than a million refugees since the year 2015. The German right-wing extremists are going around small towns where they are supporting this mostly by using live rock concerts, open air events to spread awareness about the same. Their major hope is to spread this message and recruit some more supporters and show their power.

“It’s spreading an ideological message through music and speeches,” said Katharina König-Preuss, a left-wing member of the parliament in Thuringia, the German state that contains Leinefelde and that has seen most of the events. “At the very least, the music and the speeches indirectly encourage hate and contempt for certain people.”

As a black man, I would join these people.

Covering for The New York Times, he was curious what the far-right events were trying to accomplish and what the openness with which they were occurring might tell us about German society.

Hannah Weber

Hannah Weber  is a seasoned journalist with nearly 10 years experience. While studying journalism at FernUniversität Hagen, Hannah found a passion for finding engaging stories.  As a contributor to Deutch News, Hannah mostly covers human interest pieces.


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