Canberra is the first city to celebrate the first World EV Day

Diverse models of electric vehicles will grace Canberra’s CBD as they celebrate the newest World EV Day. The Teslas, Hyundai Konas, Porsches, motorcycles, and bikes made to run on electric energy will be maneuvering around the busy Canberra CBD. The cars will move in convoys to the Parliament House before heading for the flags station at Queen Elizabeth Terrace. 

This global holiday is a product of last month’s social media campaign championing the consumers’ education on the importance of switching to EVs and clearing their anxiety concerning these new clean-energy cars. The association at the forefront of this campaign is the ACT Branch of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA). This association is a product of proponents and owners of electric vehicles who have been battling the discontinuation of the ICE cars in the transportation industry. 

AEVA ACT’s organizing secretary, Adele Craven, anticipates the World EV Day to feature in the Legislators assembly because of the upcoming elections. She added that they would be inviting government officials to partake in this event with an additional plan of using the Transport Canberra bus to showcase the importance of electric vehicles. 

Craven is longing to add incentives and subsidies to attract more citizens to purchase these Evs and facilitate an easy transition to electric-powered cars. ACT roads are witnessing more electric car brands roaming the Canberra streets with hybrids challenging the BEV sales. 

Some of the incentives that Craven is pushing the government to implement immediately include low operating costs, clearance of stamp duties, and discounted registration fees. She also hopes that these cars can pass through any lane, considering they have only one route. 

Craven is strongly championing for the transition to electric vehicles as the best strategy to achieve net-zero emission as per the Paris agreement. Mrs. Craven says that she supports the government’s move to install charging facilities countrywide to make the concept of Evs easily achievable. 

Nevertheless, the fact remains that EVs are the most expensive cars compared to the ICE cars that are pollutive. Additionally, these also depreciate just like their conventional counterparts. Another crucial truth about these cars is that they require recharging, which can take long hours if the charging system installed in the household has a low voltage. 

Finally, the first World EV Day marks a milestone in the upcoming transition to electric vehicles. It is good to note that the gas stations and companies are also venturing renewable energy to remain relevant in the coming years.