Both Jobs and Clean Energy in one pack

Sunrise Powerlink has formed a path via the mountains and deserts of Southern California, going round the US-Mexico border and going through the forest through the national forest for its 117-mile way from the Imperial Valley up to urban San Diego County. 

Various critics fought unworn battle to stop Sunrise Powerlink from been constructed. Many said that the $1.9 billion transmission line would burden power users with unneeded costs, interfere with wildlife habitats, and heckle parts of beautiful landscapes. 

Ten years later, the power line is performing its intention. It has brought wind and solar energy to many people living in the city. 

“It is possible to have any amount of renewable energy all over the world. However, if you lack transmission lines, you can utilize that power,” said then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, during the Sunrise Powerlink’s ground-breaking ceremony in 2010. 

Today, the US is battling to combat the pandemic so far claimed over 127,000 lives and caused approximately 30 million Americans to lose their jobs. 

The construction of extra power lines cannot stop the spread of the deadly virus. However, experts emphasize that investing in power transmission has the possibility of placing people back to jobs and allow many urban areas all over the nation to ditch fossil fuels. The burning of those toxic fuels harms the climate and generates air that damages the lungs associated with possible deaths from the coronavirus.  

Reasons why transmission is so necessary

The first thing is that there are many rural areas with strong winds and enough sunshine like California’s Imperial Valley. Many companies construct facilities that produce less expensive and clean electricity in those places. However, most of those areas are far from urban centres with high population and use more energy. This calls for the need for transmission lines to allow the power transfer to meet the high demand.

New power lines would lead to the building of wind and solar firms, creating many high-paying jobs. As a result, there is substantial economic growth with some of the private investors doing the heavy financial lifting. 

In June, there was the launching of the Macro Grid Initiative by the Americans for a Clean Energy Grid and the American Council on Renewable Energy. This involves a public relations campaign promoting the merits of transmission, which is financed by Bill Gates. 

In a few weeks, House Democrats revealed a climate policy plan that advocates constructing additional transmission lines. The main intention is modernization and expansion of the electric grid to let many more Americans to benefit from less costly and zero-emission electricity.