Xodus partners with another firm to ensure that the offshore wind project advances in Japan

Energy consultation firm Xodus Group is collaborating with a similar consultancy firm for Japan called E&E Solutions to facilitate the evaluation of the country’s offshore renewable energy sector.  

This collaboration will enable the combination of the consultancy and technical operations to offshore renewable energy experts, operators, and developers.

The partnership focuses on integrating Xodus’ knowledge expertise to enable their customers to face industrial problems so that offshore wind services can run smoothly. E&E Solutions will be collaborating with Xodus to offer top-notch environmental and renewable energy consultancy services for Japan. 

The chief of Xodus offshore wind development Adrian de Andres stated that Japan is advancing in marine renewable energy development, especially with the booming transition to green energy. Adrian reveals that the country is progressing towards reducing costs for offshore renewable energy technology globally.  

E&E Solutions has vast knowledge concerning the local market, which runs from the dynamics of the Japanese environmental regulations. Additionally, the firm has data relating to Japan’s leasing and consenting technology.

Xodus’ technical skills range from a technological consultancy with offshore infrastructure along the shores, functional pipeline and cable engineering techniques, risk management, supply chain analysis, environmental analysis, and project development and endorsement.

Xodus has expertise in the European and Asian offshore renewable energy, cables, and supply chain markets. De Andres explains that there are substantial employment opportunities in the Japanese market, which revolve around the current offshore wind energy programs.  

De Andres explains that the proponents of the wind energy project can integrate the practical knowledge from the Hywind Scotland project with that of E&E Solutions. This move will help local and global enterprises attain the maximum potential in energy efficiency and support Japan’s goal in achieving net-zero emissions.  

E&E Solutions chief Tomohiko Ike stated that their collaboration with Xodus Group would help them make a comprehensive report summing up environmental, technological, and commercial details for consultation purposes. This move is possible since the firm has basic knowledge in the renewable energy industry after providing such services in their past agreements.  

In conclusion, Tomohiko assures that the agreement with Xodus will facilitate their delivery of expert knowledge for the expansion of offshore wind energy projects and give trustworthy and honest advice concerning investment in this vital energy project. This move is achievable, considering that Xodus has expertise in offshore wind energy projects. Japan will be capable of boasting an advanced offshore renewable power project if this deal goes through.