Mike Griffin is now part of the Rocket Lab management board

NASA’s previous manager, Mike Griffin, became a member of the small space vehicle developer firm called Rocket Lab. Rocket Lab has been observing his command and is happy to take in qualified personnel into its administration system.

Rocket announced in August that this is part of the many changes that will spearhead the firm to realize its full potential. Rocket Lab’s author Peter Beck and other finance experts stated that Griffin is a reliable addition to the firm’s leadership considering his competency at NASA.

The announcement comes after Griffin leaving his job under his assistant to safely examine and develop further. The assistant, Lisa Porter, who has been working with Griffin for a long time, said Griffin was going out to learn more about the project they have been working on from the private sector.

Rocket Lab announced that Mike Griffin would be the new vice president of the firm as well as the lead engineer of LogiQ, Inc. Griffin later updated his LinkedIn profile with this new job designation. Griffin will now supervise the projects being undertaken by LogiQ, as stipulated in the submission to the Virginia State Corporation Commission.

Griffin is one of the few experts in the space industry who has worked with both the government and commercial firms in the space industry. Before his previous job at NASA, he was NASA’s decorated manager for four years. In the four years as a manager, he expanded the Constellation program. Other famous projects he is known for at NASA include the introduction of rideshare services for satellite operators who had inadequacies in the launch processes.

Other areas where Griffin worked include the Orbital Sciences Corporation, where he was the chief executive and director for the Schafer Corporation. He also managed In-Q-Tel, a branch of the corporation that observes the network system.

Griffin’s addition to Rocket Lab’s board is optimistic as he looks to develop the firm’s corporate structure with the U.S. government. Rocket Lab has won several contracts from the U.S. Space Force, National Reconnaissance Office DARPA, NASA. The firm is positive about winning even more contracts from such government agencies using Griffin’s experience.

Finally, Mike Griffin is one of the four members to join Rocket Lab. The other members are financial accounting experts who will help with the finance department of the smallsat corporation. Rocket Lab management hopes that Griffin can demonstrate the exemplary performance he did at NASA.