SES to order six C-band satellites in a few weeks

SES Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Steve Collar confirmed to SpaceNews that SES in only a few weeks away from organizing for six C-band satellites. They will substitute the older ones whose value will be cut short by the forthcoming spectrum auction of FCC.

Collar stated that SES requires to have all six into manufacturing soon so that the business will have the precise satellites in orbit by the year 2023 to make payable with the 200-megahertz slice of the United States of America. The operators of the C-band spectrum satellite will have gone after relinquishing about 300 megahertz for the cellular 5G networks.

SES proposes to share the six-satellite order among the numerous manufacturers.

Collar stated that the most vital thing in their idea is speed and time, and zero risks. He added that part of it would be using different vendors both on the side of the satellite and on the launching vehicle side, with the main concern being time to market.

Collar failed to say which producers are in the running to make the satellites. However, he stated that the orders would be an essential thing for the space industry of the United States of America since it is the home to recognized geostationary satellite producers such as Boeing, Maxar Technologies, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman.

Collar said that agreement announcements for the six satellites would be swayed over the forthcoming weeks rather than make them all at once.

SES confirmed to the FCC in the previous month that it will take part in the speeded clearing program of the agency, which incentivizes operators of satellite in clearing 300 megahertz of the North American C-band range for about two years before the December 2025 deadline. SES rests on getting a $3.97 billion inducement payment if it could leave the repurposed band before 5 December 2023. Bring caught by the deadline by only a day would cost SES almost $200 million in forfeited reimbursement. The incentive would then supplementary minimize every 30 days, ultimately reaching zero by June 2024.

The accelerated clearing program of FCC wants SES together with other participating satellite operators such as Eutelsat, Intelsat, Telesat, and Embratel Star One to finish the initial 120 megahertz before 5 December 2021, and a date Collar termed as so soon to have restored satellites in orbit.  As an immediate step, SES is organizing for signal filters for C-band consumer antennas to guard the interruption of television broadcast and other services from the 5G cellular signals.