Redwire is buying out Made In Space

Redwire is buying out Made In Space, a revolutionary in-space manufacturer and assembler, in a move to salvage this startup from decapitation by insufficient resources.

The two firms confirmed this news on the 23rd of this month though they are keeping the terms a secret. Made In Space is known for manufacturing 3D printers, which are currently on the International Space Station. The Jacksonville-based company has another contract with NASA for the Archnaut One mission. This mission is solely for illustrating the in-space assembly of solar arrays.

Redwire is an outcome of the amalgamation of Adcole Space and Deep Space Systems by AE Industrial Partners, which is a private firm. The two companies are widely known to offer engineering services and sell spacecraft components. DSS is the creator of the robotic moon lander in a side contract with NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services project.

The CEO of Redwire Peter Cannito said in an interview that Redwire is a plan to capture the legendary space splendor from the small companies and join them to develop a mega innovator. He says that Made In Space is one of the companies whose programs can alter the field of space exploration. The acquisition of Made In Space is strategic for Redwire since they can avail the resources needed to explore this firm’s potential to the maximum. The CEO of Made In Space, Andrew Rush, said in an interview that they are happy to find a firm that propels them to achieve their objectives. Additionally, he says that they can learn the heritage of Space and utilize it to advance their technology.

Andrew says that combining efforts with Redwire is going to propel the achievement of their objectives at a fast rate. Initially, they thought of raising venture capital, which has proved to be an exceedingly rigorous and time-consuming approach. But the teaming up of the two firms which have a commonality of vision proves to be the most practical way out of the problem for Made In Space. The firm can now go on with its Archinaut project while identifying the benefits of the other Redwire companies.

Cannito says it is imperative that Made In Space work separately from other companies for now before the later combination of operations with the other companies under the Redwire name. This move is to retain a good rapport with the current customers. 

Finally, Cannito welcomes other agile space industries for acquisition with the hope that they can attract innovative companies and propel them to achieving their resource-intensive objectives.