Democratic platform wants continuity in the NASA programs

WASHINGTON- A plan of the 2020 platform of the Democratic Party proposes that an administration directed by Joe Biden would formulate few critical changes in the programs of NASA; however, it does not openly endorse a 2024 human revisit to the lunar surface.

An 80 paged party’s 2020 platform draft, allocated to party officials in the current week for review, comprises one paragraph focusing on space policy. It was positioned at the section end on ‘Investing in the Engines of Jacob Creation’ that focuses on infrastructure developments, backing up small companies and agriculture and venturing in scientific study.

The platform confirmed that Democrats keep on supporting the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and are dedicated to keeping up with space discovery and exploration. They added that they trust in continued discovery motivation that has to awaken NASA’s human space discovery, additionally, to its medical and scientific research, technological advance, and educational operation. It permits them to realize our own planet better Earth its place in-universe. 

The platform supports ongoing NASA’s ideas to return humans to the moon surface and later operations to the Red Planet, however not having a definite, unlike NASA’s existing pathway to return astronauts to the lunar surface before the end of the year 2024. The platform added that they support the idea of NASA to return humans to the lunar surface and beyond to the Red Planet, taking the subsequent step in discovering our universe. 

In addition to human space discovery, the platform supports the continued mission of the International Space Station (ISS) and also strengthening Earth surveillance missions at both National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA to recognize better how a change in climate is affecting Earth.

The language of the platform implies that a Biden government would not look for the most significant changes at NASA, such as ending the Artemis program. John Logsdon, who is a professor emeritus at the Space Policy Institute of George Washington University, confirmed to SpaceNews that supporters of NASA could sigh in relief after reading the Democratic platform draft.

He added that there are no proposals of first changes in NASA’s programs or direction, with the reception exemption of seemingly withdrawing of the fake 2024 deadline for the foremost astronauts from America to go back to the moon surface. John stated that it is generally a very compassionate endorsement of the country’s space attempts.